The challenges faced by DocTailor

Smart contracts are a system used to make transactions as part of the blockchain. This system allows users to perform legal blockchain transactions between users on blockchain ecosystems.

In the system that most people use today, we have to pay extra for the services of a lawyer or party to ensure the legality of the transactions we do.

About DocTailor

DocTailor is a blockchain-based company that can provide smart contracts for every user in the blockchain of ecosystems and cryptocurrency.

DocTailor provides a virtual document that can be used to legalize a transaction. Users only have to pay a certain amount of coins and fill out a virtual form. This will, of course, save you time and money. You no longer need to use third-party services to obtain a legal document. You do not need to submit the required documents; everything will be connected with your personal data.

Each user will have an Account DocTailor containing Crypto data and wallet. You can get a DocTailor service anytime, anywhere. However, as a blockchain and cryptocurrency platform, DocTailor is currently only available in some countries (the others have not yet recognized the existence of a cryptocurrency).

The Challenges

To date, many have not believed or are aware of the excess blockchain (despite the growing trend of blockchain users worldwide). Many people still think that blockchain is a system created to provide benefits to creators. Security is always a big issue for many. How does a system that promotes decentralization ensure data security for its users?

Well, providers like DocTailor are the answer. With smart contracts, users can make safe, fast and efficient transactions. Smart contracts can also provide maximum security for each user’s data. Security is by no means unattended.

DocTailor Service

DocTailor certainly does not want smart contracts to be used to commit cybercrimes. Smart contracts can also achieve transparent transactions. All costs will be detailed as precisely as possible so that no party feels aggrieved.

The next challenge is the use of cryptocurrency. Why use cryptocurrency when using money? The use of cryptocurrency aims to eliminate the role of third parties. Meanwhile, to obtain the legality of a document must be accompanied by a number of costs. The amount varies depending on who you are pointing to legalize your documents.

This does not apply in DocTailor. All intelligent contract documents will be the same. The price will be influenced by the number of documents, not by those who are legitimate. In addition, cryptocurrency will also be used to provide rewards to all parties (users and DocTailor). Does this mean that DocTailor is a third party? Say yes, only this company uses a very different system.

The last challenge is the legality of the document. How does DocTailor legalize the documents it creates? Many people are willing to pay dearly for documents that are truly legitimate before the law. What’s the point of getting a financial benefit if you do not get a document that really works? DocTailor works with several parties (such as lawyers and law firms) to provide a truly intelligent contract document. This legality applies not only to documents/smart contracts but also to the currency.


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