Quantum1Net: Cryptography and Its Challenges

What is Quantum1Net all about? First of all, what do you know about RSA cryptography and quantum computer technology? Here are the simple words: when you use the internet and the digital world, you are basically using the digital data, which can be transmitted, sent, received, and much more. However, such data transmission can be obstructed or even intercepted, creating a weaker link to the system. Not to mention, it will open doors to infiltration, hacking, and breaking in.

Imagine if the technology is pretty old, while new technology (especially for infiltration and breaking in) are continuously created and made. The old technology would be easily beaten by the new one, right?

Quantum1Net Concept and Ideas

This is the major thing that Quantum1Net tries to prevent. They know that RSA cryptography has been running for 40 years without any further development or innovation. This is a complex system, mostly used for security measurements such as online shopping, banking activities, password exchanges, and also cable TV. RSA encryption is used to transmit messages and data in the safest manner over the digital net world – unfortunately, the outdated program and system have made it vulnerable and prone to attacks.

The problem is, RSA encryption isn’t as complicated as everyone thinks, especially for skilled hackers. Modern hackers can easily crack the old-school RSA technology, especially with the rise of quantum technology. Quantum encryption has a better access to the system because the operational computation system works faster than the traditional RSA technology. Because of this matter, quantum technology is considered more powerful and better – even better for breaking in and creating havoc.

You see, the natural system of the classic computing system is to use series of binary bits, consisting of only one or zero. This system means slow calculation because it can only be implemented one at a time. Quantum encryption, on the other hand, can be used to calculate the one and zero bits altogether, which means that this system can process and also save up data in a faster manner. Whereas traditional encryption is sluggish because it can process data slowly and one at a time, the quantum processing is faster because the overall process can happen faster and more efficiently.

However, these faster implementation is also threatening, especially when it is used to break into the safety system like debit or credit card processing or the government. Governments and institutions are still using the outdated RSA technology, while hackers and crackers are already ready with the quantum technology. This is one of the major reasons why Quantum1Net is trying to develop its own security system based on quantum encryption.

How the System Works

Quantum1Net has the idea to use and adopt the same quantum technology to fend off threats. If hackers and people with malicious intent are using the advanced quantum technology for creating chaos and problem, then why not using the same technology to prevent such thing from happening? Not only this platform is working on a way to use quantum encryption for better security system, it will also work on the development to create a safer digital world.

Quantum1Net is the creation of secured key data transmission with quantum generation. The idea is to leverage quantum technology with increased complexity for the safer system – an achievement that can’t be done with traditional technology. Basically, the development team believes that quantum technology will be the heart of future encryption and safer ground.

ICO Investment and Token Release

This platform won’t be the same as other platforms where they create their own currency. In fact, this platform adopts Ethereum and Bitcoin as their main currency, while releasing the silver and gold Ethereum to fund the project.

Quantum1Net token sales will take place in several periods and stages.

  • The silver token is for the first token sale, taking place in February 2018. It is based on Ethereum currency, with a capped sale at around 15 million. Investors can convert the token to Gold with extra 20% bonus. The idea is to support the team moving to a new establishment office to make development centralized. The fund will also be used to hire developers so their plan for July 2018 can be met.
  • The gold token is for the second sale, taking place in July 2018. It is based on Bitcoin currency where investors from Silver token getting the priority. The capped sale is around 18 million. The idea is to provide proof of the concept so it includes quantum encryption. Funds will be used for supporting the development of file transmission and also hardware platform.
  • The gold token is for the third sale, taking place in January 2019. It is based on Bitcoin currency where investors from a silver token that have converted during July 2018 can get 5% discounts if they participate. The capped sale is around 200 million. The idea is to support this platform long-term activities as well as supporting cryptocurrency use and its development.

From the many tokens released for the distribution, around 94% of them will go for ICO and pre-sale period, while the remaining 6% will be divided into 3% of the team and 3% of bounty. What about the funds? The funds generated from the token sales will be divided into these sectors:

  • 60% of the raised funds will go for tech development
  • 20% will be used for marketing
  • 10% will go to HR
  • 5% will be used for business development
  • The remaining 5% will go for legal matter

During this February, where the Silver token sale is taking place, the earlier investors buy, the bigger the bonuses will be. Right end, near to the end of the sales, you may only get 5% of bonuses. If you buy in the latest week, happening from the 1 st to the 9 th of March 2018, there won’t be any bonuses given to investors. They are able to buy the tokens at the low price, but they won’t get any bonuses or whatsoever.

Interested investors can always go to the official website and click on the provided link. You only need to input how much Ethereum you want to exchange, and you will get the information of how many silver tokens you will get. If there is a bonus, it would be immediately added. That’s how you easily join Quantum1Net platform.


Bitcointalk link: Namirah

ETH : 0x3fDF92Cfa0a86716Bb03CCe13199B93fE7Db24eA


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