Plentix and Its Major Benefits for All

The idea of a special platform for the decentralized referral program, such as Plentix, may seem like an unimportant development but you’d be surprised of how it dramatically changes the whole economy and how businesses deal with its marketing strategy.

Such a platform is pretty crucial for business, as it is for customers and end users. It solves some of the common problems in purchasing goods as well as delivering better mechanism in choosing a product or a service.

The Greater Benefits

Naturally, there are some common benefits that people can gain from joining Plentix platforms. Different users can gain different advantages for their own personalized experience.

For business, any business owners can save quite a lot of money for marketing because they can focus on targeted market and not worry about wasting valuable resources for useless promotion or advertisement
For end users or customers, they can get good recommendation or advice of which products (or service) to use. They gain enough insight and knowledge to make wiser and better decision, as well as avoiding spending money uselessly for the things they won’t like or need.

Besides each party’s benefits, there are also other advantages to reap, such as:

  • Decentralized system, where there won’t be any ‘mighty boss’ that controls everything
  • Advanced but easy system where everyone can use, control, and adjust
  • Innovative structure with various integration options. Plentix platform is designed to encourage businesses as well as developer to create their own modules and develop creative strategies based on real condition on the market
  • Flexible reward type and option. Depending on the business, they can develop their own scheme to reward the referrer. Whether it comes in the form of a monetized token or discount codes, or anything that suits the businesses’ wishes.

PTN Token

Each platform has their own currency, and do does Plentix. With PTN as their major currency, special arrangements have been made to develop this token as well as better future adoption. The development team has decided that they are going to release around 100,000,000 PTN, worth around $10 million in real money. From the fundraise, some distribution schemes have been made, including:

  • 30% is dedicated to maintenance and product development
  • 25% is for business growth and its development
  • 15% is for marketing development and customers
  • 10% is for reserve, especially for developer teams
  • 15% is for operation
  • 5% is for the legal matter

Interested investors can also take part in the presales launch as well as regular token sale period, which is still happening now. They can exchange Litecoin, Ethereum, or Bitcoin with this PTN tokens. Simply come to the official website, click on the provided sale link, and follow the directions to buy the tokens.

Adoption and maintenance will be the major focus on token’s development, especially after the launch has taken place. The idea is to create reliable, scalable, and stable currency which will maintain its value – if possible, set it even higher. It would be a good idea to start investing with Plentix now than later, especially when the price is still low.


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