IPSX and How IP Sharing Can Elevate to the Higher Level

You probably don’t think that such IP sharing platform does exist, but you should know that IP sharing (or even renting) has become a common practice these days, thanks to the advanced of technology. Since we depend so much on technology, data has become an important item that can be traded, shared, kept, or even sold. Through IP sharing activity, data mining can be implemented legally. IPSX is a place where IP sharing or renting is made possible without violating the regulations or spending a fortune.

The Main Core of the Business

IPSX is short from IP Sharing (e)Xchange that has dedicated itself to be the heart of web application and implementation. Basically, this platform provides a place for network layer distribution, improved processing tools, and also data storage distribution. With the help of smart contract and blockchain technology, this platform can run a transparent operation that can benefit all the participants.

How does the system work?

  • Through peer to peer technology, individual users (providers) are working together with owners of the data centre to rent out the IPs for other users (requesters).
  • IPs can be collected from different and various locations – generally used to complete various tasks and jobs
  • IPs have become the next valuable item because of its low liquidity. Today’s most IPs are controlled by the centralized system with closed network and constrained providers. Sharing IP would be costly and there are other limitations and restrictions that should be met.

The Easy System

Sharing the IP won’t be complicated at all. Once members join this platform, they can install a special app where they are able to share their IPs easily. The shared activity won’t take long – it only takes several seconds but the data gained can help a lot of parties to develop an app or a program for future and useful functions. Users can also use any devices they want, whether it is a phone, a laptop, a PC, or a tablet. The device isn’t matter – it is the data that is most crucial.

IPSX Token Function

Aside from the fact that IPSX token is needed to make a direct payment between the requesters to the providers, the tokens can also be used for investment, especially in Initial Coin Offering (ICO) type. Basically, if you invest in ICO, you will be able to buy the tokens at the low price in order to gain profits in the future, after the platform is launched. By that time, the value of the token will increase, creating a profitable gap.

For now, the payment for IPSX can only be done with Ethereum, with 1 ETH is equal to 70,588 IPSX. Sales will start on 28 th of February 2018 where the distribution should start around the 5 th of March. From a total of 1,800,000,000 tokens, around 50% of them will go for sales. So far, the details for funds use and distribution haven’t been described in details – it seems that the development team is still waiting for the right time. Anyone interested in this IPSX platform should stay tuned on the official website for info and for the opening of the sales period.


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