The important of Quifas and the cryptocurrency problems

Growing public interest and increased recognition and use of cryptocurrency increase the likelihood of digital currency users to gain more profit. The rise of many new tokens also increased the number of digital money investors.

But along with the growing popularity of this technology, cryptocurrency also has some classic problems (and some new problems). Quifas is aware of this and wants to provide solutions to the various problems that cryptocurrency users encounter.

Problems in cryptocurrency exchange

The higher the popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrency then the platform that moves in the field of cryptocurrency exchange will experience ‘down’ when having to make a transaction. In addition, the serious problem that must be encountered in the field of cryptocurrency is the theft done by the hackers. Blockchain does put forward security and keeps improving on it, but still, there are gaps that allow hackers to break into the security system.

Problems not only experienced by platform owners, users and investors also have some serious problems. They often have trouble typing in having to register on multiple platforms. Tough registration process and long verification often cause users to skip the ‘peak’ of exchange. Registration and verification are actually made as part of the security, but complicated processes will harm users and investors.

Users also often have trouble with the amount of cryptocurrency they want to monetize. In the meantime, many cryptocurrency exchange platforms limit the number of tokens (very limited). This can obviously hamper or lower the chances of users and investors to earn more profits in a single transaction.

The mission of Quifas

Quifas is one platform that wants to provide solutions to existing cryptocurrency problems. Quifas claims to be able to make more transactions faster. Quifas states that they can do more than 2 million transactions per second. This is a fantastic figure considering Quifas is a new platform. Quifas also claims that they have a system that allows users and investors cryptocurrency to register and verify quickly and easily.

Many people are likely to doubt it, but as a new platform, Quifas has obviously done a lot of research and system development on their platforms. The concept they bring is possible to do. Quifas has certainly studied the problem and may have succeeded in creating a new system that can accommodate it all.

Quifas also claims that they have a bank equivalent security system. This security system obviously has more capability in warding off hackers attacks. With a bank-like security system, Quifas can clearly provide security to its users’ wallet. The platform is also developing an app that can be used on Android and iOS devices.

Currently, Quifas has been able to serve 250,000 users per hour (with varying transaction rates). This capability has increased the number of Quifas users. Quifas users and investors increased rapidly during 2017. The platform managed to get 100 thousand new users in the fourth quarter of 2017. This is a great start for Quifas. With more and more users and investors, Quifas can certainly accelerate the development of over the platform and the newborn app.


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