Helbiz and Revolutionary Steps in Vehicle Rental System

Helbiz is a platform designed for vehicle owners and users to share the transportation at the affordable price. Because this platform is using the newest blockchain technology, the implementation is guaranteed to be secure and safe. Not to mention that the public is given a chance to take part in the development, contributing their financial aid with Helbiz tokens. So, ready to take a look at this platform?

The Problem with Transportation

Car rental is probably one of the most common services in today’s modern world. It gives you the flexibility to be mobile, whether you have your personal vehicle or not. When you rent a car, everything has been done within its system but what if you can elevate the service? Not only you can enjoy transparent platform, you can also enjoy better security. With blockchain technology, better security is possible so you can enjoy safer transaction without any burden.

Car rental is a risky business. From the users’ point of view, they face risks of shady businesses. They may face hidden cost, unfair treatment from providers, and such thing alike. From the providers’ point of view, they have to deal with greater risk. Shady clients may run away with the vehicles or they may violate the agreement contract. But with Helbiz, hopefully, such obstacles and challenges can be dealt with so everyone can enjoy greater benefits without compromising service.

Helbiz Operation

Blockchain technology provides a more transparent system. Everything is recorded, so each transaction has its own history. There is no way to alter the data or cheat on the system because of the wide expanse of the network.

When you combine such a technology with cryptocurrency implementation, you can expect easier run. Whenever you have to pay for the service or when you have to make a certain arrangement, the digital money makes everything easier.

How the Tokens Play a Part

Although the platform is crucial for easier car rental purpose, you shouldn’t underestimate the role of Helbiz (HBZ) token. After all, it is the one financing the platform’s growth and development, becoming one of the most crucial elements in this industry.

The token is driven with ICO (Initial Coin Offering) system, where investors can buy the tokens at a low price. You see, the principle of ICO is to offer the tokens in affordable rate before the platform is officially launched. After the launch, the value may increase, creating an opportunity for the investors to gain money. By buying the tokens at the low price and then selling them after the value has increased, their chance of gaining profits is definitely bigger. The more popular the platform is, the more valuable the token will be.

HBZ tokens have taken a crucial part in Helbiz development. In the third quarter of 2017, the development project began. Within the first quarter of 2018, ICO listing has been made and will be followed by blockchain integration in the second quarter. Then, the platform’s expansion within on the third quarter will happen. For future reference, Beta exchange and reward in the first quarter of 2019 will take place, following the online launch in the second quarter.

For this project, Helbiz is offering 520,000,000 tokens from a total of 1 billion supply. The team has made token allocation arrangement, where 48% of it will be used for public crowdsale while the remaining will be used for other allocations. 25% of it will be kept in reserve, 10% for the team, 10% for advisors, 4% for presale, and 3% for bounty projects.

Anyone interested in making profits or simply contributing to the success of this platform should make use of the available opportunity. Before the official launch, the price for the tokens is still low, so make use of it before the value increases. If you are interested in making a purchase, come to the official website. You should be able to see a dedicated section for HBZ purchase. Simply click on the provided link and follow the instructions to buy the tokens.

Final Words

In the end, the decision to invest your money in this platform lies within your hand. If you want to contribute to the platform’s success while gaining passive income in the future, it doesn’t hurt to take part.

ICO investment has its own flaws – and so are other types of investment – but some the risks are worth taking because of the greater benefits it delivers. In the end, Helbiz can revolutionize the way people travel without fussy operation or without safety (and also security) concern.


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