Helbiz: Common Rental Issues and How to Tackle Them

For those who don’t understand it, Helbiz may seem like another platform where car rental transactions are made. It seems like a place for clients and providers to set up an arrangement and close the deal. If that’s the case, then the traditional rental system should be enough. However, in Helbiz, new technologies are included so better security can be enhanced.

The Major Issues

There are some issues that are commonly related to traditional vehicle rental system, such as:

  • Security Threat
    The traditional system is exposed to the threat, especially security breach – not only for the system where sensitive data is kept but also within the vehicle’s system.
  • Centralized system
    The problem with this system is when there is a problem, which can affect everything. Because one point becomes the most important factor for optimization, it is prone to issues and problems.
  • Privacy-sensitive and exposure
    Not many vehicle owners or clients understand that their data is being misused. In most smart applications, important data is collected. But without solid protection, it can be easily manipulated or misused.

How Helbiz Solves the Issue

Based on those common issues, Helbiz is trying to create a platform where advanced technologies have been added and used to ensure smooth operation. For a starter, the blockchain technology with its peer to peer system provides a transparent spot for safe transaction. It also uses smart contracts concerning the condition of the vehicle. There won’t be any monkey business or hidden agenda – everyone is guaranteed to be happy and satisfied with the system.

In managing the transaction, the smart contract states the vehicle ownership, condition of the vehicle, owner’s willing to share with clients, and whether it meets clients’ requirements. When clients have viewed the contract and agree to it, the verification process can start – it runs for both vehicle owners and clients.

During the rental period, clients and owners can decide whether they want to share their data. If it is okay, they will get HBZ tokens for the rewards. If not, it won’t be a problem. And finally, managing payment is easy. Clients can pay through their wallet automatically. If they decide to share data, tokens will be transferred to their wallet in no time. Quite efficient, right?

HBZ Token

Helbiz token (HBZ) is used as the main currency to manage transactions on this platform. It is exchangeable and you can use the applied rate. Besides its function as the means of payment for this platform, this token is also used for rewards. Any users who are willing to sell their transaction data will be rewarded with this token, which can be used to pay for can rental service.

Anyone interested in making an investment or take part in this platform can buy the tokens from the crowdsales period, which lasts from February to March 2018. If you buy the tokens, not only you invest your money but you will also contribute to the platform’s growth and development. Helbiz platform is funded through token sales, and the generated funds will be used not only for completing the system but also for marketing and sales.

From the generated funds, how will they be used?

  • Around 40% of it will be used for product development, which is based on the platform’s roadmap.
  • Then, another 35% will be used for business development, which includes collaboration with insurance companies, the partnership with other blockchain platforms, and users’ education.
  • Another 20% will be used for marketing, designed for better token adoption, local community building, and project awareness.
  • The final 5% is for legal matters.

The team has already created a specific scheme for token allocation, from around maximum 1 billion of HBZ supply. During crowdsale, the value of HBZ tokens is around 6,000 HBZ for 1 ETH. This ICO investment has its own benefits, where the value of HBZ token will increase drastically once the platform launches. If it becomes a hugely popular platform, the value of the tokens will even increase higher – creating a handsome future reward for investors.

However, you should also remember that ICO investment is different from the regular type of investments. That’s why you need to have a thorough research to learn about it. All kinds of investments have their own positive and negative sides; the only thing you can do to minimize the negative impact is to get a thorough understanding about the system.

By addressing some of the potential issues from traditional car rental system, this platform is dedicated to deliver better service where every participant can enjoy the useful and fun experience. It may seem like an unimportant development but you’d be surprised to see that Helbiz is able to develop a more convenient system.


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