Gym Rewards ICO Review-Get Money with Gym Rewards

Making money while working out seems like a perfect treat combi for those who love exercising. Exercising has become a part of daily life for some people. They are diligently doing their best in working out as if they are living for today only.

However, that is not working for everyone. The notion just works for some people who actually really love to work out. Then, how about those who do not? Exercise is just something they do not do because it takes much times and courage to actually do it.

Gym Rewards is just a perfect application for those who like and dislike working out. Everyone would love this application because of the great offering that just sounds so right to motivate their working out habit.

How does the Application Works

The basic of the application is getting paid by working out. That just seems like killing two birds with a stone. The Gym Rewards is an application for those who exercise. They give rewards by using proof of exercise to the blockchain.

You can get more and more GYM Tokens the more you exercise. The exercise that is counted is the exercise on the gym. The tokens are tradable for exchanges. Not only exercise on the gym, but people can get rewards at the athletic events as well.

Make an event and become the event manager of the athletic event. After that, submit the event at the GymRewards’ website to get an approval. Then, promote it and ask the participant to download the application through the QRcode. Finally, get 0.5% off all the participants’ cryptocurrency. The count would be getting higher the more people who join the event.

Submitting local gym who is not registered is also a good way to get rewards. You can be the official sponsor of the gym by submitting the unregistered gym to the Gym Rewards. Make sure to let the owner know about your deeds or else it would be considered as a crime.

The Rules of the Token

The first basic thing is to follow the ICO rules. People need to make sure that they bought it on the official site of Gym Rewards to make sure that they bought the official token. Make sure not to invest in wallet addresses sent by Twitter or any other social media.

The token would only be sold at the specific time, so make sure not to miss it out. All countries can participate in this. The next is how to make the contract after buying tokens. Firstly, open MyEtherWallet. After that, pick the ‘Add Custom Token’ and then enter the contract. The enter token symbol is GYM and the decimal is 18. Click save and finished.

This is very simple, but the profits gotten is not just a simple profit. It would motivate more people to exercise knowing that they would be rewards other than being healthy. Gym Rewards is a new way to get people to a healthier lifestyle willingly with the thought of getting rewards from it as well. This will realize the prior idea of Gym Rewards.


Username: Namirah


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