Giftcoin: Revolution for Charity

Giftcoin is an innovative system. This is a new system designed to be a revolution in charitable giving. The charity sector deals with the serious trust between donors and providers. You cannot compromise with this. Donors are more important than anything else.


This platform has a goal to create a good world. You can give money to charity and your money will be channelled to the right place. The money is used for a good cause. You can trust a platform to give your money to the poor and other needs. Your funds will be channelled to your liking.

Donors must provide absolute trust to an agency to channel the funds but there are many institutions that have a particular interest and do not channel the funds to the right party. This can make many people do not want to charity because of bad institutions.

The platform believes that donors must obtain the appropriate and credible official institutions for charity. The donor will give more money for an issue that matches the donor’s concern.


This platform can make you believe that the funds will be used for something good. The funds are used to provide help to other human beings. The event of endless natural disasters in different parts of the world is the right thing to get help from you.

The occurrence of natural disasters makes greater divisions between the poor and the rich. This must end quickly so that people do not suffer from hunger and poverty. This platform can build your trust to contribute your money to the right institution. This platform uses the principle of transparency to manage your funds. This can increase the amount of money from the donor.

The Revolution

Giftcoin is not only a cryptosystem but also a platform that has a strong potential to change people’s attitude about charity. This project wants to make charity activities as a way of life. This can be realized with a secure platform and the use of crypto.

This platform is a blockchain technology application that provides a great future to help people. Systems at a conventional charity will be replaced by this platform. This is an amazing revolution in charitable giving as it has been proven to create trust and transparency in the process of giving money to others.

This is a great time to give your money and get an amazing experience. Your funds will run where you want them. This is consistent with your belief. Charitable donations are part of big business and can generate $ 500 billion per year. Nonprofit organizations run the charity to help many people in the world. The annual revenue of this business exceeds $ 2 trillion per year.

Tokens Offering

This is a service that offers tokens. The token will be offered from 20th March 2018. The platform will print 1 billion tokens and sell 10% of those tokens. You can bring home the token by paying $ 0.10 (1 ETH = 10,000 GIFT). You can get 50% discount on pre-sale and 25% for sales during the first 24 hours. The platform gives 15% discount for the first week.


Bitcointalk link: Namirah

ETH : 0x3fDF92Cfa0a86716Bb03CCe13199B93fE7Db24eA


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