Galaxy eSolutions: The best place for refurbished electronics

Galaxy eSolutions is a blockchain based platform established in Hong Kong. This platform is a platform that sells refurbished electronics. This platform is created as an alternative sales medium for refurbished electronics.

Apart from all the amazing concepts of blockchain and cryptocurrency, Galaxy eSolutions is just a place where you can buy cheap electronics in different ways, that’s it. So what distinguishes this platform from other platforms/apps? Why should I use it? Before discussing it further, you should know some things about refurbished electronic.

What is refurbished electronic?

Until now, many of us are often mistaken or confused interpret the term refurbished, and recondition. Though this information is very important especially when want to buy gadgets. Because in fact, there are many gadgets that are sold cheaply and labelled as refurbished units, but its use does not last long and it turns out to be reconditioned goods.

Fundamentally, refurbished and reconditioned is practically the same origin. Refurbished and reconditioned gadgets are not new devices. In this case, the new device is actually activated for the first time after the process of production, packaging, distribution, and marketing to the consumer.

Meanwhile, refurbished products are devices that have been activated before or even have been used in a certain period of time, to than ever experienced disassembly, repair, or re-modification before it was resold. Thus, devices that have been through the process of refurbishment and reconditioning can be called the former usage before.

The difference between refurbished and reconditioned conditions is who does the change and handling, as well as the types of handling performed. The refurbishment process is done by the holder of the brand itself, automatically authorized, legal, and relatively more reliable.

If refurbishment is done formally by the company holder of the mark, reconditioning is done by an outsider. It may be handled informally or without clear quality control. The warranty is usually not too long and by the store. Buyers are often not getting clear information about the quality status of the gadget, whether it can survive in a reasonable time period or not. For the thorough and often see the various types of mobile phones, would be able to recognize the peculiarities.

Why is Galaxy eSolutions made to sell refurbished electronics?

Galaxy eSolutions comes with a new alternative; the refurbished electronics. As an original product that is sold at a cheaper price, refurbished electronics is definitely the right choice for many people. The problem is, how buyers can know that the goods they buy are actually refurbished electronics, not remanufactured or fake. Galaxy eSolutions is a platform that only sells original-refurbished electronics. All items sold on this platform are warranted and legal.

Then why this platform chooses to sell the refurbished than the original thing? The reason is simple; profit, more users, and token sale. As a platform that uses cryptocurrency token, this platform obviously wants to get a lot of users (buyer tokens). Not everyone can afford to buy genuine goods, but there are plenty of people who can afford and be interested in buying refurbished electronics.


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