Cryptocurrencies for Everyone Mission from Savedroid Company

Savedroid-Cryptocurrencies is a digital currency. Basically, it is the untouchable currency, but it has the same value like the physical currency. Bitcoin, etheremum, ripple and much more are many kinds of cryptocurrency that we can find now. Now those activities are becoming a new trend because it can give a lot of profits for the users. However, there is still a thought that this global trading activity is difficult to do and just suit a few people with the financial expert.

Savedroid comes with the new Cryptocurrencies project

Thank God because there is a platform or company that is named Savedroid comes with a brand new thing about that cryptocurrencies activity. They make the cryptocurrencies is accessible for everyone and it is much easier to do. Savedroid comes with various interesting features and services as follows:

  • This savedroid crypto program is accessible for everyone.
  • The project is really easy to do in which you don’t need to separate between the personal wallets, private key handling and exchange.
  • Savedroid uses the AI Technology that is used (smooves). This technology will replace the activities that are done by the users every day into the automated savings.
  • It is really easy to get a lot of profits because users will get the easy access to various savings packages (Bitcoin, Ethereal, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, IOTA and etc)
  • The cryptoc chances which are better such as the portfolio, future, and ICO comes with all the easiness that are hard to find on the other similar crypto system.
  • SVD Token that is based on the ERC20 utility token. It is the built-in deflation mechanism as suggested by Vitalik Buterin.

SVD Token from Savedroid

For every cryptocurrencies activity, they need a token to do all the activities. In the other words,we can say that users can buy the token, purchase it or even sell it. In this case, Savedroid makes the SVD Token that can be used on their cryptocurrencies project.

For your information, that token is limited and it is usually sold at the certain time or period. In addition, that SVD token has its own rates to the pound sterling currency and the rate can be changed at any time based on the global trade market circumstances.

The Token created by Savedroid is 10,000,000,000 and so far it has been sold for 6,000,000.There are many parts of the selling point such as the pre-sale and the main sale. Usually, the bonus will be available for the pre-sale selling. How about the token that was not sold? Based on the rules, it will be burned. Below are the schedule of the pre-sale and the main sale:

  • Pre-sale at 12 January – 26 January 2018
  • Main Sale at 9th of February up to 9th of March 2018

As a user, you can also sell the SVD token to support the token exchange.


Author : Namirah
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