Create Better Transportation System and Technology in the Future Through DAV Platform

Cryptocurrency is spreading faster into various aspects including in transportation industry. One of the platforms which support this development is DAV or Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles. The information below explains about what DAV is and how this platform works to support transportation industry.

Digital Tokens in DAV

DAV or Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles is developed to support self driving vehicles including cars, trucks, rovers, and even drones. The system works by using computer technology in order to decentralize the network.

Decentralizing the network is not only connected each other but also give more benefits such as discover, communicate, and also transact easier and simpler. The key is the use of DAV tokens. The function of this token is similar to real money but in the form of digital token.

You can use the tokens to buy anything or make transactions related to transportation system such as paying fuel, pickup service, or pickup package service, and also charging car in the car charging stations.

DAV is trying to facilitate by offering a platform which makes the process easier and simpler. Later, you don’t need to bring fresh money only to buy fuel or charge the power of your car and just spend your digital tokens. So, how do you save the digital tokens? Your tokens are saved in a digital wallet and it is designed with the latest security system.

DAV tokens are developed for all parties which involve in transportation industry including the users, vehicle owners, vehicle manufacturers, and all infrastructures.

The Challenges in Introducing DAV

Introducing DAV as a revolutionary transportation technology is a challenging thing to do. The main problem is because large companies are trying to develop their own autonomous vehicles such as a robot to deliver pizza, air drone from Amazon, autonomous taxis, and many more.

The development makes the idea of decentralization is a little bit hard to achieve and it needs extra effort to explain and change their perception. On the other hand, some of the companies are uninteresting to use this type of technology because they need to spend more money in maintenance, developing the infrastructure, and also ineffective reason. There is also a perception that the incentive to develop this platform is too small.

What Can DAV Offer for Transportation Industry

DAV developer is trying to show that this platform is solving the problems above. Everyone is able to join and develop this platform. The idea is to make transportation industry, system, and technology one step ahead for better services. DAV is using a decentralized open source network in which the users have an important role in the development of the platform. The final achievement is to give comfortable and user friendly platform based on the need of transportation system users.

In the future DAV will be developed dynamically through the invention and innovation from the users. As the user, you have control to boost creativity and development of the platform. Automatically, it leads to the development and revolutionary movement to the vehicle industry and transportation system and technology. In short, DAV solves the problem through cooperation and positioning the network as a platform for independent and open minded innovators.


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