Cardstack and the Decentralized Open Source Apps

People in Cardstack believe that a decentralized open source is possible. When there is no controlling power that manages everything and rules the whole system, it is possible to create an equal opportunity and chance in apps. And this is how this platform is going to run and operate for future reference.

Understanding the Concept

Open source is basically a platform where everyone can contribute to developing an app. But what if such an operation is taken to the next level? What if there is a platform where open source apps are becoming the focus of activities – and the activities are integrated with other implementations and executions? This would be beneficial for everyone, including developers and end users. 

In the world that we live in today, using an app is common. But what if you can integrate various types of apps with cloud system? What if you can use the open source platform that will make operation run easier? What if you can enjoy the effective operation without fuss or hassle? What if you can be connected to the developers directly and use the smart contract to ensure that you only use the right apps only? These are the ideal purposes of the Cardstack. Instead of using only one particular app, why not use different types of them?

The Basic Purpose

What if you can create an ecosystem of apps and software, and then get connected to the developers without any third party middlemen? The world is filled with centralized application and operation, so having a decentralized mechanism will be something new.

Even with the open source system, there is not enough fair treatment. For developers, they often don’t get the reward that they deserve. For end users, the applications are often not useful or handy. Instead of helping them with the use and function, the apps don’t really help or handy. But it is about to change with Cardstack as the main platform. 

The Rewards and Use of Tokens

Every party involved in this platform will get the rewards for their participation. Paying customers will be able to ask for a specialized service for an app. And then, the developers can come up with the technology to create the matching app. The end users will then make use of the available app. There will be analysis created based on the data – the data can then be used for further development. 

That’s why the use of tokens is important because it will be used as the main currency within the platform. It is also used as the rewards for both makers and also miners for their participation. If everything goes as planned, around 40% of the total tokens will be located for the sales. Early contributors and investors are subjected to 20% bonus but they will have to pass through the KYC checking and AML (Anti Money Laundering) examination.

The majority of the tokens will be used for end users, along with miners and also makers of the platform – the remaining will be used for reserve.  That’s how Cardstack is functioning and how to support a decentralized system.

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