Akaiito and Its Role in Changing the Effective Usage of Cryptocurrency

It is not uncommon for people to have more cryptocurrency than fiat currency. Some people are just super active online, allowing them to mine or collect the crypto money. But then again, we are talking about usage and function, right? What good does it make if you have an abundance of crypto money and yet you can’t spend it? Sure, you can always trade it or exchange it, but you want a direct real-life practice allowing you to spend the money efficiently without fuss and hassle, right? And this is how Akaiito is going to help.

About the Platform

Akaiito provides a solution of how to bridge the cryptocurrency usage with real life. The development team isn’t only developing the technology but they also create a mobile app where the crypto money can be used in several business sectors. So far, they have created Online Markets, Online Map, Services, and Rent to help users gain the best advantages from the platform. Users only need to access Akaiito, browse around from the available categories, and reserve for the intended service. They use AIC tokens for the payments along with other technologies that will ensure a safe transaction.

Whatever services you choose, the basic technicalities are just the same. You browse for the intended service. If anything piques your interest, you simply book it. Send the payment to the wallet, wait for the products delivered to you or the service completed, and then confirm that it is done.

The payment will then be released to the vendor. Since this platform is using a smart contract, be sure that everything will be implemented properly and correctly. No need to worry about frauds or scams because the smart contract will ensure that such thing will never happen.

As you can see, Akaiito offers a simplified way to use the cryptocurrency without hassle. Instead of having to exchange your crypto money into fiat currency, now you can actually use the cryptocurrency to pay for any item or service you want.

AIC Tokens

The main currency for this platform would be the AIC tokens. Naturally, it is exchangeable with other cryptocurrencies. A total 30 million tokens will be produced, while the ones available for sale will be 22.5 million (75% of it). The sale event itself will be divided into two stages: pre ICO and public ICO launch. Only 1 million tokens will be released during pre-ICO while the remaining 21.5 million will be available during the public sale.

The price, for now, is that 1 ETH is equal to 1000 AIC, with a minimum purchase of 0.01 ETH (or 10 AIC). The public sale has started from 13th of March to 18th of April 2018. Interested investors will be provided with bonuses. Unlike other platforms that would give bigger bonuses at the beginning of the sale, the bonus given in Akaiito is based on the number of tokens purchased. If you only buy 10 to 50 ETH, the bonus will be 1% but if you buy more than 300 ETH, for instance, the bonus will be 10%.


Bitcointalk link: Namirah

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